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GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation Policy

In order to make sure we can offer a safe, professional and trustworthy service to our clients, we need to collect certain private date.

* We will need to collect:

1. Personal Data

Names, Phone Number (home or mobile), E-mail address

This information is collected so we are are able to contact clients for various reasons Eg: changing appointment times, slot requested becomes available, therapist off sick etc

Text/Email booking confirmation 

Text/Email appointment reminder sent 24hrs before the appointment time

Text/Email review request sent after treatment has been completed (max 2 per month) which can be posted on our FB page with no surname attached.

2. Medical History, Allergy Test Results

Information on medical history etc is collected in case client is contraindicated for any treatment, or treatment needs to be adapted to suit client needs.

This information is shared only with staff within the business and to no outside parties.

Clients can request deletion of any information at any time.

3. Marketing Campaigns

An e-mail marketing campaign is sent monthly - offering clients special offers running that month includes a link to our booking page.

We rarely run text SMS marketing campaigns

We do not run postal campaigns

VIP events are also sent mainly by email. These will run Bi-annually

Client are invited to Opt-in  to any/all of the above on booking and can request removal or deletion of any data at any time

4. Students enrolling on courses will need to supply contact details in order to have communications between themselves and tutor and an email address in order to receive the link for any on-line theory. Home addresses will only be needed if any certificates require sending.