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Posh Potions

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December Offers - Quality VEGAN treatments without the fireworks!! Re-opening Dec 2nd !!


Great Offers on your favourite Vegan Sothys Treatments - Don't have a Bleak Winter !!


All our treatments can be booked on-line. £1 deposit will be requested on our secure site to reserve your appointment. Alternatively ring us: 01303 237551

Session Time 
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NEW Cryo-Eye treatment with Product Offer

This treatment uses the ever popular and effective Sothys porcelain spoons for an efficient draining and cooling effect. Ideal for tired eys with blue light being emitted from all screens. Blue light disrupts the body clock and melatonin production.
Rapeseed is the active ingredient and all product range is colour and fragrance free and has been tested safe for sensitive eyes and contact ;ens wearers.
Purchase the NEW Eye cream and receive 2 packs of the NEW product - under eye masks. (Can purchase singles for £6)



                         Intro price                               £50.00

NEW Escape & Unwind 
Sothys signature essential oil blend of Lemon & Petitgrain - great to uplift the mind and ease muscular tension. Back, hand & foot scrub and massage with FREE travel size Body Lotion.
    50 mins
 Intro price      £50  
Bespoke 1-1 VIP Skin/Product Consultation with Suzanne
  Discuss skin issues and product answers, get first hand information on offers  and receive 20% off Sothys products and your first 2 treatments.(not including December).
  FREE OR £10 if no products are purchased  
 FREE Aesthetics Consultation with Practitioner Danielle
Discuss your needs and concerns with practitioner before you decide. Go through the various options, cost and aftercare all in Covid-19 safe surroundings.
Perfect Shape Facial with Half-Price Eye Contour
& FREE Perfect Shape Mask (£6)

For those who are concerned about tiredness, dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes and a slackening on the jawline and neckline. Inspired by ultrasound & lifting threads, this combines an exclusive plant stem cell complex with the unique “Massage Porcelains”.

 175 mins