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Posh Potions

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Elegance is the only beauty that never fades


All our treatments can be booked on-line. £1 deposit will be requested on our secure site to reserve your appointment. Alternatively ring us: 01303 237551

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Facial of the Month:
Brightening Facial with Vitamin C Serum

Brighten the complexion whilst reducing the appearance of pigmentation spots. This treatment increase radiance and luminosity whilst preventing the formation of new age spots. Usually £60




Body Treatment of the Month
Athletic - Smoothing / Warming Professional Treatment

A 45 minute treatment combining the originality of a warming effect with the sensory indulgence of a detox foam wrap with 2 goals:

Exercise: Bring warmth and tone to the skin before exercise.


To help perfect the figurebor to treat yourself to a little relaxation, in a sensory wrap.